future legacy code



Isaac Lamb

Principal Consultant


I'm a Principal Consultant at SixPivot.

That is a photo of me. Although to be honest, it's not super recent and if you wanted something more accurate, you should probably stretch it horizontally a bit. I suppose it gives you the general idea though so you could recognise me if you saw me. But to be honest, that's probably pretty unlikely as I mostly work from home these days and don't get out a huge amount outside of that.

I've been writing code for most of my life, professionally for over 10 years and have been consulting for most of that time. I've worked in a bunch of different industries building stuff mostly with Microsoft technologies for anything backend and with whatever the current thing is on the frontend (at the moment it's React+TS).

I also have a wife, two kids, a small furball/dog and a fighting fish called Goldy. Actually I think it's called Fishy these days because Goldy is... no longer with us. When I'm not working, I'm usually spending time with them or occassionally making things out of wood in my shed. So there you go, now you know those things.

This is my blog. I will write about things here. Sometimes. Probably.

The site was built using the Tailwind Nextjs Starter Blog template. I haven't really changed the styling much as I am okay-ish at design at best so I'd probably make it look worse.

It's called future legacy code because:

  1. The domain name that was available and naming things is hard
  2. I will most likely write here so infrequently that the content will be constantly out of date
  3. All code is legacy code, it just doesn't know it yet